14 Ways To Keep Your 2014 Healthy New Years Resolution

  1. Write it down. Writing down specfically what you want to accomplish in the next year so that you can look back and it and repeatedly remind yourself is a healthy reminder and great motivation.
  2. Be realistic. A year is a long time, so you can lose a significant amount of weight, but don’t make a goal of looking like Candice Swanaepol, make a goal that works for your body and will still challenge you, but not leave you disappointed.
  3. Set mini deadlines throughout the year. Waiting a year is a long time, especially if you are impatient like me. A way to make yourself feel like you are doing well and sticking with it is setting smaller goals for every month, or quarterly.
  4. Sticky notes and reminders. This is a simple tip that worked for me, but to remind myself of my New Year Resolution, I set random little timers to go off throughout the year on my phone, and put sticky notes in random places that I would find throughout the year once I forgot about them, and it was a great reminder and motivator to keep me going.
  5. List the ways you are going to stick with the goal. Making a list of workouts, foods, healthy habits, etc. that you are going to do throughout the year in order to keep your goal is a great way to not fall off the wagon and build good habits.
  6. Only positive thoughts. Staying positive and not letting negative outside forces get in the way is important. Find some healthy things that make you healthy, and use those to your advantage in reaching your goal. Whatever you do, don’t let inevitable criticism get you down.
  7. Get support. Whether it is your boyfriend, family, roommate, Internet friend, or the homeless man that sleeps on the corner by your work, find someone who will be supportive of your goals and listen to your successes and struggles, and be able to help you through them.
  8. Keep record of progress. For example, if your goal is to lose 30 pounds, take pictures every 5 pounds you lose. If your goal is to be able to run a marathon, keep record of every personal best time/distance you make along the way. It will help when you are feeling a loss in motivation when you can look back and see how far you have come.
  9. Hold yourself accountable. Making excuses and blaming other people or outside forces as to why you can’t get a workout in, eat the right foods, etc., if only going to bring failure. Understand that if you choose to skip a workout or splurge (which is totally fine to do OCCASIONALLY) it is YOUR choice.
  10. Tell others about your resolution. Whether you tell all your friends and family, or start a blog (like me), having others know what your resolution is helps keep you on track, because others are paying attention to your progress as well.
  11. You have to really WANT IT. Make sure that what you are doing is something you are willing to do for the long haul. End of story.
  12. Be prepared to change your daily life. Whether you are trying to lose weight, gain weight, become vegan, or win a bodybuilding competition, these all require you to change your normal everyday life. You are going to have to make a shift to focus on the healthy and positive and it definitely is a transition, be prepared.
  13. Find someone to look up to. Finding a person who has reached the goal you have reached, or just someone you really look up to and respect as a person. Once you have that person (or people), pay attention to what they do that works for them and makes them someone you aspire to be, and keep those in mind when working on your “get healthy resolution”.
  14. ALWAYS get back to your goal. The reason people slip and stop trying after February is because they lose sight of their goals of just plain give up. If you feel like this, it is never too late to turn it around. You don’t need it to be January 1st in order to make goals. Make them any time of year, if you fail, get back up and start over. Do what you HAVE to do and go the extra mile (sometimes literally) in order to reach your goal.

(Source: fit-personality.com)

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